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Facebook touch: What is Facebook touch and how to login?

Facebook touch: What is Facebook touch and how to login?

Facebook is the most popular social networking platforms that connect people all around the world. People know about Facebook but most of them are still unaware about Facebook touch or touch Facebook. So, in this article, we will discuss Facebook touch and how to log in to Facebook touch.

What is Facebook touch?

Facebook touch is an extended version of the most people networking platform Facebook. is a more complex version of the normal Facebook that includes more features. This version of Facebook is developed by H-5 programs, especially for people who use touchscreen smartphones.

It aims in making Facebook portable friendly by using the Smart-Touch experience. Now users can operate popular social media without having a specific mobile app or operating system. People can still view their friends' profiles, see the images they have posted, comment on their posts, and socialize with many people present on the website.

The good news about Facebook touch is that it runs smoothly on your phone even if your internet connection is slow.

Features of Facebook touch

•  It is an updated version of  Facebook so it is more dynamic.

•  You can easily join groups and lists without any problem.

•  It allows you to access all the lists and groups that you have got mentioned in this version of Facebook.

•  It presents a dexterous user interface that attracts the users makes them addicted to it.

•  There are many links and profiles depending on our choices.

•  It works on all versions on mobile be it Android or iOS. Make sure to update to its latest version as the older one might be prone to various kinds of threats and bugs.

•  Facebook touch can be accessed from the desktop too. You can use Facebook touch from all prominent browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera Mini.

•  It allows unlimited access to posts or images present on the website. It presents a quicker interface with a scroll in version.

•  Facebook provides iPhone like experience to all of its users because the appearance is similar to the Facebook browser in iPhones.

•  It overcomes the limited width problem of previous Facebook and provides an extensive scope of content in it.

•  Depending upon the device being used, Facebook can automatically redirect its users from Facebook to Facebook

•  It also comes with an improvised chat feature which is entertaining. Facebook shows a large window to let you see who is offline or online on Facebook.

•  Last but not least, Facebook covers your entire screen to provide a more thrilling experience while viewing videos or photos.

How to log in to Facebook touch?

Facebook touch

The login feature is very similar to Facebook. You must enter your credentials like username and password and boom….you are in the world of Facebook touch.

Another way to get into Facebook touch is by entering details such as name, age, email and birthday and get registered on this platform. You can easily get a login to Facebook touch but logging out can be a bit tricky.

The logout button is available in the menu at the bottom of the screen. It can be quite irritating as it remains hidden and new users might have to waste a significant amount of time searching for it. Looking at it from a different angle, this can also be a marketing strategy to keep the users for a long time across this platform.

Some limitations of Facebook touch

•  Facebook touch always gets criticized for being the old version. It was launched back in 2009 when touch smartphones were starting to evolve.

•  It doesn’t include SSL encryption making it vulnerable to hackers all around the world. Though it is available in Android and iOS, developers have never thought of enclosing an SSL encryption to its website.

•  Despite its high functionality, it still lacks some of the basic features like security, blocking of adult content and many more.

•  Many users use Facebook touch in their mobiles but rarely use it as their desktop version of Facebook.

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