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Apple iPhone Price in Nepal - Latest Price of iPhones in Nepal 2024

Apple iPhone Price in Nepal - Latest Price of iPhones in Nepal 2024

The Apple iPhone is a famous and fancy smartphone made by Apple. It's known for its good looks, great camera, and easy-to-use software. Apple keeps making new iPhones with better features like faster chips and improved cameras. People all around the world love the iPhone because it's cool and does a lot of stuff.

iPhone in Nepal

iPhones in Nepal are popular for their premium features but tend to be pricier due to import taxes. They are available through authorized sellers and in the grey market.

iPhones in Nepal can be more expensive than in some other places because of taxes and other reasons. If you buy from official stores, you'll pay the regular price. But in the grey market, prices can change a lot depending on how many people want to buy iPhones at that time.

Apple iPhone Price in Nepal 2024

iPhones are famous in Nepal because they last a long time and have great features. Here is the price list for iPhones in Nepal.

Apple iPhones ModelsPrice in Nepal
iPhone 15 Pro Max

Rs. 214,300 (256GB)

Rs. 252,100 (512GB)

Rs. 289,900 (1TB)

iPhone 15 Pro

Rs. 176,500 (128GB)

Rs. 195,400 (256GB)

Rs. 233,200 (512GB)

Rs. 270,900 (1TB)

iPhone 15 Plus

Rs. 154,200 (128GB)

Rs. 173,000 (256GB)

Rs. 210,899 (512GB)

iPhone 15

Rs. 135,200 (128GB)

Rs. 154,200 (256GB)

Rs. 191,900 (512GB)

iPhone 14Rs. 114,000 (128GB)
iPhone 13Rs. 95,000 (128GB)
iPhone 12Rs. 85,100 (128GB)
iPhone 12Rs. 75,900 (128GB)

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