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iPhone 13: Release Date, Price, Color, Design, Display, Cameras, Battery, Specs.

iPhone 13: Release Date, Price, Color, Design, Display, Cameras, Battery, Specs.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all the events may be virtual, but we are super excited to see four versions of the new iPhone model the iPhone 13. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the version includes iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The hype for the new Apple smartphone is growing continuously as we are closer and closer to its reveal. A survey conducted by SellCell concluded that 44% of the current iPhone users are interested to upgrade to one of the iPhone 13 models when it becomes available.

Now let's dive into details about iPhone 13

iPhone 13: Release Date, Price, Color, Design, Display, Cameras, Battery, Specs.

1. iPhone 13: Release Date

Apple had delayed the launch of the iPhone 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic, pushing its launch to October. However, this will not be the case in the case of the iPhone 13 according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. iPhone 13 will be released as scheduled i.e September 2021. A rumour from DigiTimes claims that Apple is planning to hold multiple events in September.

Apple while announcing earnings for its June quarter remained that iPhone 13 launch is on track. Apple called out some supply constraints issues however it is unlikely to affect the launch date for its users.

If we analyse Apple's pattern for previous launches, it is expected to hit shelves on the fourth Friday of September 2021 (September 24).

As stated earlier that 44% of the iPhone owners want to buy iPhone 13 so the wait time for iPhone 13 could be lengthy at launch. Foxconn, which is Apple's largest manufacturing partner is also repeatedly warning the market about supply chain disruptions that could possibly lead to iPhone 13 shortages.

iPhone 13 release

2. iPhone 13: Price

Apple tends to keep its pricing for each new successor quite close to the one that preceded it. So we can expect the price closer to iPhone 12-$699, $999 and $1,099.

According to TendForce, the iPhone 13 pricing would be relatively on par with the current iPhone 12 models and Pro models won't have 1TB storage options.

The size is expected to come as same as iPhone 12: 6.7 inch iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6.1 iPhone 13 Pro, 6.1 iPhone 13 and 5.4 inch iPhone 13.

Apple is still planning to launch a mini version of the iPhone 13 even though iPhone 12 Mini hasn't sold well.

iPhone 13 price

3. iPhone 13: Name

Apple went from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12 last year. So, early rumours have used iPhone 13 as the name for the upcoming model. Also, some handful of rumours have referred to this model as the iPhone 12s.

However, we can't be sure about the model's name until its release. Most probably Apple will stick with the iPhone 13 name after all.

The "s" model of the iPhone generally implies that the phone will have a lot of common features with its previous version. So, the name itself will say a lot about how different this year's phone truly is.

But the interesting fact is that about 18.3% of Apple users said that they won't buy the iPhone if the name will be iPhone 13 due to the number 13 being unlucky.

4. iPhone 13: Colors

The latest rumours point to four colours options which include black, silver, rose gold and sunset gold.

We've also heard that a regular iPhone 13 could come in pink, but this is just based on a render. The rumours from Max Weinbach suggests two colours: matte black and new bronze or orange colour.

iPhone 13 colors

5. iPhone 13: Design

Apple Insider has released a set of iPhone 13 dummy units which shows some of the biggest possible design changes. This includes a new diagonal camera arrangement for the regular iPhone 13 and a larger Pro model and moving of the speaker towards the top of the device.

We can also notice the SIM card tray and power button shifted a little down.

However, leaks from Sonny Dickson shows a bit different design which does not include diagonal camera arrangement.

A variety of leaks have shown iPhone 13 with a smaller display notch after several generations of using the same bulky notch.

Another report from Digitimes says that the die size of VCSEL chips used in Face ID scanner will shrink by 40 to 50% and a smaller chip means a smaller notch.

The earpiece speaker is expected to move to the top bezel instead of being housed inside a notch.

iPhone 13 design

6. iPhone 13: Display

A company might make other changes to the display keeping the display size the same as iPhone 12. Apple will adopt a 120Hz refresh rate for 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max according to a report from ET News. This will definitely allow improved gameplay and smoother scrolling.

Latest rumours have added further fuel stating iPhone 13 will have an LTPO panel and the maker of this display will be Samsung Display. Furthermore the news that Samsung is supplying circuit boards to Apple to connect the display to the phone's motherboard provides more proof that the LTPO screen is in the works.

If LTPO will be adopted then the display doesn't need extra components under it and allows an adaptive refresh rate. This will definitely allow iPhone 13 to have a super smooth refresh rate also keeping the neat frame of the iPhone 12.

Another benefit of the LTPO screen is its power consumption rate reducing power consumption by 15% to 20%.

Some other leaks state that iPhone 13 will use always-on displays which is something LTPO tech could certainly facilitate.

iPhone 13 display

7. iPhone 13: Touch ID

Plenty of rumours have stated that iPhone 13 is getting an under-display take on Touch ID. However, most of the reports cast a lot of doubt on this rumour that Apple won't bring under-display Touch ID until next year's iPhone 14.

Also, a new report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg states that iPhone 13 will not have an in-display Touch ID to the new iPhone 13.

8. iPhone 13: Cameras

Plenty of leaks and rumours are around about the iPhone 13 camera. Some reports state that iPhone 13  Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will offer a new 6-element ultrawide lens. Talking about the current iPhone 12 Pro, it models a 5-element ultrawide angle lens. As a rule, the more elements in the lens, the better the image quality.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 13 Pro series will be offering auto-focus in the ultrawide lens for the first time. However, these upgrades won't be available to the rest of the lineup until the iPhone 14.

A report from Digitimes says that Apple will increase its order of voice coil motors by 40% which helps the lens to focus.

A dummy unit shown by Unbox Therapy features a  phone will noticeably larger lenses which will improve photos in low light settings.

Analyst Ross Young has made a prediction that the iPhone 13 will come with larger sensors and a larger sensor means larger pixels for increased light intake.

According to Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo iPhone 13, Pro and 13 Pro Max will both include larger apertures on their ultra-wide cameras. Both models will come with an f/1.8 aperture up from the f/2.4 on the iPhone 12.

Sensor-shift stabilization which is available in the current iPhone 12 models will also be available to all the models on iPhone 13.

Other rumours also suggest that iPhone 13 will have camera upgrades that will allow better shots of the night sky as well as deliver portrait mode videos. Dedicated astrophotography could be facilitated due to the upgrade in ultra-wide cameras on all iPhone 13 models.

Also, portrait mode could offer a blurred background on video footage when enabled.

iPhone 13 camera

9. iPhone 13: Specs

We can expect a chip upgrade for iPhone 13 over its predecessor. iPhone 13 may come up with A15 Bionic a successor to the very powerful A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12 boosting overall performance and efficiency.

Apple has reportedly ordered more than 100 million A15 chips which signal an even larger demand for the new iPhone 13 than iPhone 12.

We can expect storage from the range 64GB to 512GB through a Wedbush report that has stated that iPhone 13 may provide storage up to 1TB.

We can also expect a big boost in terms of wireless connectivity. The 5nm x60 modem is able to integrate directly into the phone's chipset allowing smoother performance and boosting battery usage. Also, we can expect better 5G performance because this modem is capable of combining mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G networks simultaneously.

Last but not the least, it will come with Wi-Fi 6E, a variant of Wi-Fi that will support even faster wireless speeds.

iPhone 13 specs

10. iPhone 13: Battery

We did not get wow performance on iPhone 12 models battery. iPhone 12 Pro Max however gave a good impression with its large battery. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 13 will use soft battery technology which will offer increased battery capacity without growing the design footprint.

iPhone 13 Pro Max will be gaining an 18% increase in battery capacity from 3,687 to 4,352mAh.

One rumour suggests that iPhone 13 will be offering 25W fast charging support along with reverse wireless charging.

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