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7 Best Rank Tracking Software for Checking Google Keyword Ranking

7 Best Rank Tracking Software for Checking Google Keyword Ranking

One of the important factors for SEO is to pick the right keyword using various keyword research tools. It is necessary for an SEO expert as well as a blogger to regularly review their google keyword ranking for particular keywords.

One of the common mistakes made by most Publishers is writing content without the selection and inclusion of the right keywords. You can find out the right keywords within 15-20 minutes using various keyword research tools like KWfinder, Aherf, or SEMRUSH.

Once, you've published your content using targeted keywords, now you need to track its search engine ranking. If it isn't ranking well, you should consider building backlinks with proper anchor text.

You aim must be to select keywords that have the potential of driving large numbers of the visitor with low search difficulty. If your keywords rank your webpage within a few pages of the search engine, that keyword is considered as a potential keyword that is searched the most.

Proper on-page SEO also greatly influences the ranking factor. If you carry proper on-page SEO, there is a chance that your article will appear within the first 50 search results.

Managing keywords properly helps to figure out which keyword is the strongest for a particular domain and ultimately helps to increase better ranking on Google as well as other search engines.

To help to check the ranking position of particular keywords, we have made a list of some best rank tracking software that you should definitely try for driving large visitors by ranking top on Google.

7 Excellent Websites to Check Keywords Ranking in Google 

1. SEMrush ( Best rank tracking software)

SEMrush can be taken as one of the best rank tracking software because it offers complete solutions for rank tracking.

All you have to do is to enter your site or blog post's URL and it will display for which keyword you are currently ranking for. It also allows you to view keyword details by simply clicking any resulting keywords. It supports Google and Bing.

SEMrush is a very versatile tool, it will show all the keyword that you are ranking for. You can do this by simply adding domain names in the URL field.

It is a professional tool and allows you to make trial use for 14 days before you decide to subscribe.


Below are the procedures to follow for Position tracking

First, log in to the SEMrush account.

Under rank tracking select position tracking.

On the top right, select "new position" and enter your domain along with the meaningful name.

Finally, click create "Create project".

SEMrush position trackerSource:

SEMrush allows you to add a keyword for rank tracking too. It can be done using any of these four methods.

Pull up the keyword by connecting your search console.

Enter the keywords manually.

You can also track some of the top keywords that SEMrush has discovered.

From file (*txt, *CSV).

By observing the feature provided by SEMrush it can be said that it is amazing rank tracking software.

2. Ahrefs

If I had to select another tool after SEMrush it would definitely be Ahrefs. It is geat ranking software with tons of amazing features. It has the capacity of automatically detecting the keywords that your website is ranking for based on countries. You can track your website and well as your competitor's website with the user of Ahrefs.


3. AccuRanker

If you are looking for a great and dedicated keyword rank tracker, AccuRanker can be your good choice. It offers a very easy interface due to which anyone can easily get started. It allows tracking rank on search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing.

 It offers an accurate and fast preview of result snapshot which is perfect for showing rank proofs to clients.

One of the great features of AccuRanker is that it is able to check ranking based on countries.

You can target one or more than one country for a new keyword. It offers 14 days of free trial before subscription.


4. Google Rank Checker

It is one of the excellent online tools for tracking keyword positioning in the Google search engine. The cool thing about this rank tracking software is that it is completely free.

You can simply put keyword along with domain name and it will display the position of that particular keyword on Google.

Amazing right?

Google Rank CheckerSource:

5. SERPWatcher

It is the rank tracking software by Mangools with a great user interface. The latest edition allows you to track keyword positions for any domain name.

The cool feature offered by it is that it can be used for tracking keywords position based on the device or geographical location.

For tracking more keyword you can subscribe to their paid plan as they offer this tool at a very reasonable price.


6. SEO Centro Rank Checker

SEO Centro Rank Checker is best in its performance as it can check the position of a particular keyword in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It provides details of particular keywords in various search engines along with history.

SEOCentro Rank CheckerSource:

7. SERP's Keyword Rank Checker

It is also another great tool that shows the rank of keywords on various search engines. It shows search volume, ranking as well as CPC for a particular keyword.

It allows the selection of location and also devices for which the particular keyword is ranking. It can be mainly used for checking one or multiple keywords at a time.

SERP’s Keyword Rank checkerSource:


These are some of the best rank tracking software available on the internet. My personal favorite is SEMrush or Ahref for Google and Bing searches.

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